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 Telkom complaints call centre 24 hours a day Here’s how to contact him

 Telkom’s call center 24/7 is very important for consumers. Its presence facilitates various types of complaints. In addition, consumers can also ask a few questions to clarify the service to be received. But in reality, the service is not wholly useful.

Some consumers don’t use it when they run into trouble. In fact, these consumers also feel annoyed when the problem is found. However, ignorance of how to contact CS becomes a major problem. Often some people are embarrassed when they are about to contact him. It is necessary to know that the path of thought is completely wrong.

Don’t let the facility in the form of  a 24-hour Telkom  complaint call center  be wasted. If this happens, you will actually be at a disadvantage. The confusion perceived in the end was not over, although the confusion should have disappeared immediately when the call center was contacted. That’s why we know the taste of the call center.

Learn more about Telkom Call Center

The call center is one of the services Telkom provides  to its customers. With this service, it is hoped that it will be possible to make it easier for consumers to complete various types of projects. When you want to contact him, you can choose a time at any time. This is because its CS is available for 24 hours.

However, there is a difference between contacting  Telkom’s complaint call center   24 hours during working hours with other times. When you contact the call center during working hours, the number of available CS is very large. With so many CS, each question will be answered faster.

Different things will be found if communication with CS is done at other times. During that time, there are fewer CS available. With this amount, it takes a little longer for the phone to lift. Time is not as long as imagined.

You’ll just have to wait a while until  Telkom’s 24-hour complaint call center is ready to serve. Another question consumers often ask themselves in relation to this call center relates to costs. Some wonder if the cost of contacting the call valve is free or charged.

It’s important to note that calling the call center sets the rate. The tariff itself is in contract with the supplier used. The more the supplier sets an expensive fee, the more expensive the tariff will also be. In addition to using a smartphone, you can also contact the call center via landline.

When contacted from a landline, the cost is also in line with the landline. Of course, these costs are obviously cheaper than using a supplier. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a landline when contacting  a call center of telkom complaints   24 hours a day.

Contact Telkom Call Center by phone

The easiest way to contact Call Center telkom is to use a phone. As explained, CS can be contacted via a smartphone or landline. But keep in mind that the numbers it uses are different. When using a smartphone, you need to call 021-147.

Before you make a direct call, make sure electronic credit is available. There is no minimum loan when you want to call. However, make sure the credit is not less than 25,000. This amount can allow for the flexibility of communication to be obtained. this avoids preventing the phone from breaking through halfway.

If it is interrupted, the communication must be communicated from the ground up. If sufficient credit is confirmed, call the number directly via a smartphone. When it completes a call, a helpline will be created that explains the choice of features in telkom complaint’s call center  24 hours. To shorten the time, select the number 1.

By selecting the number, the service immediately changes to Indonesian. After selecting the number 1, select the number 2. There you will immediately be advised to communicate directly with CS. This is because the number 2 itself is actually dedicated to complaints in the form of interference.

From there, wait until you connect to CS and you can immediately file personal complaints. If you’re using a landline, the number is 147. When you contact a call center telkom  24/7 via a landline, the method is slightly different when using a smartphone.

This is because there will be no choice of numbers like when using a smartphone. Contacting you via a landline directs you immediately to CS. This also allows for the time it takes to shorten. The only time requirement is when waiting for cs availability.

Contacting him can also be done via social media

The main problem when contacting Telkom’s 24-hour complaint call centre  lies in the cost. There are several conditions where you need to contact him when the credit facility is not present and the landline is not owned. If you encounter this problem, contacting us via social media can be an option.

There are two social media platforms used by Telkom. The two social media platforms include Twitter and Facebook. If you look at how easy a relationship is, it would be better to get in touch via Twitter. To contact him, first prepare your personal indihome number.

This is because the number will be asked later. If you’re ready, log in to your personal Twitter account and follow Telkom’s official Twitter account. The account itself uses the @Telkomcare ID with features like most public accounts. To contact him, you can dm or name.

Essentially, include a number of personally owned indihomes along with the requirement you are experiencing. In fact, instead of using a comment, it would be better to contact him via DM. This is because DM is much more private in nature. Wait until you get a response directly from Telkom. This waiting time will not exceed 24 hours.

Usually after receiving a response, Telkom will  solve the problem immediately. Complaints can also be provided via Facebook Messenger. The way to communicate with yourself is quite similar to when you use Twitter. First, you need to log in to your personal Facebook account.

Then search for a Telkom support account and send a message via Facebook Messenger. The message requests information about the problem along with a number of personal indihomes. The waiting time is also not longer than 24 hours. Since he didn’t get a direct response like over the phone, patience was obviously necessary when contacted.

Contact the call center when this problem arises

There are a number of things that make consumers obliged to contact  Telkom’s complaints call centre 24 hours a day. But among these problems is one of the most important conditions when there is a disturbance of signals. Telkom itself is the largest signal service provider in Indonesia.

If the label is problematic, you as a consumer will obviously be harmed. In addition, you should contact the call center even when there is damage to Telkom devices  installed at home. If the device is damaged, it is certainly not possible to use all services. This is very damaging to those of you who have actually paid.

In addition, you will also need to contact the call center if there are any questions about services that have not yet been understood. You need to know that the presence of CS not only helps to solve a variety of problems. CS also serves to help consumers clarify knowledge of the services acquired.

Don’t feel bad about the service that isn’t what you want. If that happens, the real blame is yours. if you would like to contact the call center, the problem must be solved. After all, it is technically very simple to contact  Telkom’s complaint call centre  24 hours a day.

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