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How to Transfer Telkomsel Credits, Guarantee Failure

This method  of   transferring  Telkomsel credits will be useful when it is urgent or urgent.  When you can’t get out of the  house or at  midnight the counters selling credit  and mini markets  are closed.   The solution is to send credit from a colleague or family member.

The deal was now available from Negara’s  starter pack   provider  .   There are several kinds of brands such as Simpati, AS, LOOP.  This transaction  can be done  very  quickly and practically.  Because of such convenience, this  method is what many people are looking for.

In order  to  provide a complete service to our customers  , Telkomsel offers several features that  will help facilitate this delivery.   A place where    nominal   can  send more people’s credit balances to  users in need, so  you don’t have  to  go  far to find a counter or minimarket.

Ask a friend or close family member for help and send the  balance to your number.   Of course,  for all transaks, I need  some PER conditions that I need to  inform first.  In addition to the  process of sending transactions to  the Telkomsel card.   Pay close attention to  the  following requirements and do it carefully:

Essential requirements before you start how to transfer Telkomsel credits

Terda  must meet  some requirements and  later  inform the information so that the transaction can be carried out  smoothly and without problems.   Therefore, it is  important to pay attention to these  requirements before a transaction is made.   The first  requirement is that the  sender’s number must be at least 4 days during the  active period.

The caller should definitely be   in the  active period, but the balance recipient may be in the grace period  .   The number of  trades  is available from 5 thousand to 1 million per transaction.   The number itself is limited to a maximum of 250 transactions per day.   For the recipient,  their period of  activity is not affected.

In particular, in  the case of the payee  , if you are in the  middle of the  grace period,  you  will not be  able  to extend the  active period  or use the  balance  of the transaction results   before  applying.   Charge the  balance yourself, so basically in order for the credit to be available   in the  transfer   , the  recipient must first be in the  active period.

The amount of credit  transferred will not  affect the  amount of use of the  sender  at a later date, only the nominal  transfer fee will be calculated.   In the case of  delayed   charges, it depends on the balance  transferred  .   For an  amount from  5000 to 19 thousand, an additional burden of 1850 rupiah is given.

Next you  will be charged a fee of 20 from  the amount of  2000 thousand. Therefore,  make sure that the balance is sufficient to cover the  burden of the  transport material ride in the future. Therefore, there is no shortage of  balance  during the transaction.    In addition, the remaining credit after  the transaction is at least  2000 thousand.

Carefully calculate the  above   details  and requirements so that  the trading process is  not disturbed.  Pay attention to the  cost per  transaction that can be  considered high, try to  adapt to the  notional credit transferred,  and don’t be too small, because the billing  fees are quite high.     Do it  efficiently so as not to  be extravagant.

 How to transfer Telkomsel credits using dial-up

There are many ways to transfer Telkomsel credits   , one of which is  to choose  the Call menu  or Dial-Up  in general.  We hope that using this menu  will provide convenience and practicality.   Of course, this   method is best  used when there is  no connection with the  Internet  network.

The way to transfer  Telkomsel credits is to open the call  menu, call  the number * 858 # and then make a call.   Select your  credit transfer number.   Then,  if you have entered the  balance you want to send,  enter the  destination number of the recipient.   Then wait for the  delivery process and confirm with the recipient.

Whether it is accepted or not.   The process is also done via another dial-up  code that  performs the process, namely *  858 * Delivery Destination Number *  Transport Notional #. Then press  the  call button (for example, *858*0810000000*45#).     Later, a  confirmation message will be written with the  balance sent to  the number 45,0810000000.

Select Yes, and then check whether it has been  processed and  received by the recipient.  It is    enough to  wait a while without  taking  long  to complete  the  process. Therefore, we  can say that  this method is practical and fast because it can be used even if an  internet  connection is  available.

How to send Telkomsel Credit Lewat SMS

In addition to the call menu or   dial-up  above, there is  another  way to  use   SMS or short message services. Of course, this method also  requires  the  same cost as the  transfer process  via dial-up .   It’s just another way,  and the  first thing  you need to do is  open the SMS menu.

If so, how to transfer Telkomsel credits, enter   the credit amount in the  message column with TPULSA (space)  and send it directly to the mobile number provided by Credit  Transfer  Results  .  Later.  For example, TPULSA 45 sends with the number 08100000000  , which  means that the  sender sends 45,000,0000  with  the number 08100000000.

If so, you  will receive a reply  message about the confirmation, and if the purpose and nominal data are correct,  reply “Yes”  to  confirm.    The number will be successfully sent the  credit and  will ensure that a  certain amount of balance has been received by the recipient  .

This Telkomsel credit transfer  method is available for operators  other than Loop, AS, and Sampati.   So this  is the  only  way  you can  send it to a number that has  another provider.   Of course, it  is very likely that the process will be a little longer than that of your fellow providers.

This method  also  does not require an  Internet  network and  can be called even  in the  old way.  All you have to do is to open the short message menu  on your  smartphone and follow the  steps above to enter.    Don’t  forget to  pay attention to the destination  number so  that  it  doesn’t go wrong   when transferring it later.

How to transfer Telkomsel credits using the app

The latter method is the most important method  of  supremacy.    This means that  you  can  send credits  to trade through a  special application  for Telkomsel users  – My Telkomsel.   Of course, this method requires a stable internet  connection.   The first step  you  need to take on how to transfer your Telkomsel credits is  to install the application.

This  application can be found in  your phone’s Playstore or Appstore. You  can  download it and install it on  your smartphone before logging in.   If you  do not have an account, you  can register your  Telkomsel number  directly on the application.   Follow a few steps to make sure the  new account is  available.

Log in  immediately, click on the “Send Gift” option  , and then enter  the recipient’s number immediately  afterwards.  Then select the “Credits” menu and select  the appropriate balance.  Later, the total cost will be listed and  deducted from the  balance.

Therefore,  make sure that  the  balance is  not small  when the transaction is  made.  Once  the steps to send the credit using the  above application form are complete, check with the recipient to make sure that the  balance transfer is complete. This method is  said to  be    the most modern method than the  previous  2 methods.

With the use  of all the important means, the  goal of transmission is achieved and succeeded.   Adapt to the situation and the  situation in progress. And  make sure that the  target number is  correct in  all transactions so that you do not send it  incorrectly  in the  future. Therefore,  it is not a problem  to choose   the Telkomsel credit transfer method.

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