How to Print BCA Current Account Easily and Quickly: WALLPAPER

Why should you print bca bank statements? There are several reasons why you as a customer of the bank should do it. However, the main purpose is of course to obtain evidence of transactions that have been made by oneself in a certain period. The rest, printing a current account can also be to complete a condition.

Often not, when going to BCA bank there are customers who come to a table, give a passbook and print a long paper and it contains a history of transactions that have been done with the account. You need to know also in printing, it is also charged per sheet.

If you don’t want to be hit  with expensive printing fees, print bca bank statements regularly. So, when needed not too much to spend in one print at the same time.

Now doing printing is also quite easy and fast, although coming to the branch office, there is no need to wait for it too long. Everything has been done with advanced machines. For more information, please read the following details.

Functions of BCA Bank Current Account

The newspaper itself comes from the Dutch language, namely courant.  If in the banking world, a current account is a summary of the history of financial transactions as a whole in a period in the customer’s account.

Most people today make transactions through online and rarely to branch banks. They prefer to make transfers via M-banking, or deposit cash directly to the nearest ATM machine in their home. Therefore, printing BCA bank statements is common.

But don’t they have a passbook? That’s right, but because there are rarely any transactions to the bank, make the passbook empty. If you enter the transaction history will not be enough, so a bank statement is created only.

In general, bank statements have important functions for customers who do so, namely:

  1. First, it is certain to print BCA bank statements because they want to see the history of transactions that have been carried out in a certain period, for the purposes of calculating expenses can also be.
  2. You can also apply for a visa. Because if you want to apply for a visa or extension, you must have funds to live in another country. To prove it, with the history of the transaction.
  3. It can be legal evidence if involved in financial matters in the account.
  4. Participating in the auction can also be as long as it is able to prove the funds owned are quite capable of following it or not.
  5. Then, you can also apply for a loan. The borrower does not want to lose, then the terms of borrowing must submit a transaction history with the bank. Prove that they work to have money and are able to return the loan funds.

Requirements foryou to Apply for Bca Current Account Print

So important is the printout of BCA  bank statements for the benefit of the example above. But in applying for it, you also need to meet the conditions first. The bank will not process it if the obligations that must be fulfilled are incomplete.

In the bank itself the money keeps rolling, some enter and exit every day. So, when you want to see the transaction history for a certain period, it should not be arbitrary even if it is your own account.

Therefore, when there is a question about the print of BCA bank statements can be represented or not, the answer is of course not. There is a law that regulates that customer information should not be leaked by others even if you are his family. This applies when you do printing at the bank office directly.

Meanwhile, when sick or there are other affairs that cannot be left behind, it can be done online. If you want to get a checking account, please meet the following conditions:

  1. Bring the Original Account Book

The original account book must be carried when it is in front of the CS desk to go through the next BCA bank statement printing  process.

  1. Bring Your Identity

May bring an ID card, but the original as proof to match the identity on the passbook. It can also be with a driver’s license or passport.

  1. Debit Card

It is also necessary to bring a debit card as proof of ownership of the account.

  1. Preparing Money for Print Costs

The above has been explained there will be a fee when printing BCA bank statements. Generally, it will cost Rp. 2,500 per share. So, you have to bring cash for this one transaction.

How to Print a Current Account at a Branch Bank Office

After fulfilling all the terms and conditions, just do your main goal, which is toprint bca bank statements. This time, we will show it if you ask for customer service from the branch bank office.

This is also an alternative that is highly recommended for you when you first print bca bank statements. CS will give guidance to you later, or you can consult when the purpose of printing it to get a loan from BCA bank.

Please follow the following steps so that later you are also not confused when you are already in the regional branch bank:

  1. First, of course you have to come first to the branch office around the residence.
  2. Take the customer service queue number and wait for your number to be called.
  3. Just tell CS that you want to print bca bank statements. And mention the mutation you want to print. For example, the last 2 months.
  4. Submit all the requirements documents we have mentioned above.
  5. And finally, wait until it has been printed and received. Don’t forget to pay the printing fee.

Steps to Print BCA Bank Statement Via Online

Currently, many people do not have time to come to the branch office just to print a bank statement. Meanwhile, if you want to have a bank statement, it cannot be represented even if the guardian is a family.

So, the best way is to use an alternative to print BCA bank statements online. banking progress in terms of technology is indeed good, then long-distance transactions can also be done.

To be able to print online, you only need to need a smartphone and have registered with BCA I-banking and download the BCA mobile application. This method is also quite cost-effective because there is no print out  fee when you have a printer at home.

Registration can be done on CS at the time to the branch office. Here are the steps when printing it online:

  1. Open the BCA Mobile app and select KlikBCA
  2. Enter the userID and also the I-banking PIN you have.
  3. Directly select the e-Statement menu, and then specify the period of transaction history to be printed.
  4. Directly click download and wait a while. Later the file is PDF form and can be directly printed through the printer device you have.

You can also print it at the photocopying place. The provisions of the paper do not exist, but on the display must fit and nothing is cut until it looks even less clear.

Remember not to do it yourself online when you don’t understand it yet. For customers who have not registered M-Banking or i-banking, it’s good to come to the branch office to make it easier to print BCA’s current account and only need to pay  the print out fee, immediately completed. Find the right time to come.

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