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Money loans the right solution online versus conventional

Changes in the current era have made many  emerging money loan solutions  right in different regions.   In fact, it is not uncommon for loan  offers to  appear  via  SMS  sent to  your  phone  number.  The offer also offers a variety of interest rates from lowest to highest.

When in hard times you often find a way to  borrow money  ,  it’s through close friends to  a loan service company. this method you think can help  in the hope of returning it as soon as you get a replacement.   Although it doesn’t bloom, your good relationship may be damaged.

Not only  when  you need money for your character, when you want to open a new business or business, of course you need funds and capital first  .   When this happens,  it is unlikely that it will borrow from a friend  because of a large enough amount.   Then  you’ll be looking for a lot of borrowing.

Money gets something that supports life

Money  is still  often problematic for society  because of the many needs that need  to be completed.   Then people will make a lot of efforts to earn money to support their lives.   So there is often the saying that money is the solution to many things.

But  actually getting money back with borrowing can  be detrimental if you can’t  get it back immediately.   So now there are different loans that can be paid off quickly.   Money loans are   the right solution even sheltered by large corporations.   At least now there are two ways loans can be used, namely online and conventional.

Advantages and disadvantages of any lending method

Conventional loans  are  still used today even though many online loans have sprouted in an age of sophisticated technology, awareness is needed in development.  The  difference  between each  of these  lending methods will be explained  based on their advantages and disadvantages.


To borrow  money, the  right solution  – of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages that you need  to know before borrowing.    Regular or manual lending means coming directly to the place to take out a loan.

You will meet customer service  or people who serve on-site.  You will  then  be asked about the amount of loan required  and filling out data according   to the company’s needs  .   Later, your data will be matched with the birth certificate to announce if  you can get a  loan  .

Usually companies that provide conventional monetary loan services are banks.  The advantage  of conventional money loans is  the clear opening  of the company and the lack of need to use the tools to  build loans.   But what is lacking is that many end up moving into online loans  .

The disadvantage of this conventional loan is the advantage of online loans, one of which is a fast process  so you don’t have  to spend any time waiting in line at the point.   This advantage is especially felt when there is a sudden need.

So online  loans are often referred to as  money loans the right solution compared to  conventional methods.   Apart from being a fast process  and can be done anywhere, online loans also have advantages in terms of  very easy requirements.   You need to prepare some photos of your ID.

How to make money online and conventional loans

Although  these two methods have their own disadvantages and advantages, you still need to adjust the needs that you can  .   However,  given that now you can borrow more easily from online, it never  hurts to try some steps to borrow money online as  per  below.

  1. Choose a trusted application

The first important  step for you is to choose a trusted  online  lending program.   All applications are currently accredited and under OJK.   So, make sure the app or company you’re borrowing  in  already  has an official OJK logo.

  1. Download on smartphones

In addition  , once you have chosen, then you are required to  download the app on your smartphone.    As money loans, the right solution is to make sure that the profits from the loan in that place are also low to  have a problem paying off.

  1. Fill out your identity

Thirdly, if  the app is already installed, then open the app and  fill in your  data  or  identity.  Make sure everything is properly and thoroughly filled.   This is aimed at preventing possible mistakes that can occur and instead   being rejected by the company.

  1. Loan

If you  have finished filling out the identity and have been approved by the app developer, then take out the loan with the amount you specified and the full repayment time  .

  1. Confirmation from the company that made the application

If you are sure of the  amount and time of the loan, you will be asked to complete the process and wait for  the company’s approval.   Some  companies take  a little  longer to verify because of the large number of requests.

However, some           companies can send a response to the request to borrow the funds you send in just a few hours and even minutes    .

Consider using money loans as the right solution

Before taking the  steps above to borrow money, there are several considerations that you need to pay attention to when  making money loans  , the right solution  using the app on your smartphone   or  conventionally.   Considerations  are set to this.

  1. Payment Plans

First of all, in addition to the goal  for borrowing, you have a payment plan that you should  consider.   Try to  compare the income you  receive when you pay off the   loan.   Both online and conventional means should consider this equally.

Usually at the  beginning of the loan money is the right solution you are required to report profits and losses, cash flow statements, be able to analyze the work and business situation  that you already have as a live  guarantee  form  for the company.

  1. Loan Amount

Second, there is a borrowing rate.  It’s  not  because of the ease of borrowing  that leads to it and you don’t consider the name of your loan carefully  .   You can borrow the right amount and don’t need to exaggerate because it will be even more a burden for  you when it returns  .

  1. Collateral or warranty

The latest money  loan is  the right solution which is less important to consider collateral  or collateral.   Either a regular bank or online lending requires collateral or collateral as evidence.   You can’t underestimate this because  there  are often rejections due to non-compliance with the guarantees you offer.

However, few also can  offer unsecured loans  due  to the small amount of loans.  Usually  , the loan guarantee  must be in accordance with the nominal name of the loan in order to avoid the possibility of being late or not being paid at all by the borrower of funds  .

When lending  both conventionally and online you should make sure everything is safe and not wrong, therefore, it is best to find the best information  about  the right money loan  solution  you choose.