Best Faux Privacy Fence: Enhancing Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Best Faux Privacy Fence: Enhancing Your Outdoor SanctuarySource:


Greetings, avid homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor area, a privacy fence is an excellent addition that not only provides privacy and security but also adds aesthetic value. However, not everyone has the budget or time for the maintenance and installation of a traditional privacy fence. Thankfully, there’s an alternative – the faux privacy fence. In this article, we will explore the best faux privacy fence options available in the market today, their advantages and disadvantages, and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is a Faux Privacy Fence?

A faux privacy fence, also known as an artificial privacy fence, is a non-traditional alternative to a wooden or vinyl privacy fence. It is made of materials like polyethylene, PVC or composite materials, and designed to resemble traditional fences but with better durability and less maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Faux Privacy Fence

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Low Maintenance 1. Initial Cost
2. Durability 2. Limited Style Options
3. Weather Resistance 3. Lower Resale Value
4. Eco-Friendly 4. May not be Suitable for High Traffic Areas
5. Easy to Install 5. Not as Strong as Traditional Fences

Best Faux Privacy Fence Options

1. SimTek EcoStone Fence

The SimTek EcoStone Fence is one of the best faux fence options because of its realistic look and high-quality material. It is made of high-density polyethylene and reinforced with galvanized steel for added durability. It also comes in various colors and can withstand extreme temperatures and winds up to 110 mph. It’s also easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

2. Veranda Composite Privacy Fence

The Veranda Composite Privacy Fence is an excellent composite fence option that provides a natural-looking alternative to traditional wooden fences. It is made of recycled wood and plastic materials, ensuring its non-toxic and eco-friendly. It’s weather-resistant, insect-resistant, and rot-resistant, which means it will last for years with minimal maintenance. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

3. Vinyl Fence Wholesaler

Vinyl Fence Wholesaler is a top choice for a PVC privacy fence. It has a clean and modern look, available in various colors, and requires no maintenance. It’s also durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


1. How much does a faux privacy fence cost?

It depends on the material used, style, and size. On average, faux privacy fences cost between $20-$50 per linear foot.

2. How long will a faux privacy fence last?

It depends on the material used and the climate. On average, a faux privacy fence can last up to 25 years. However, some can last for more than 30 years.

3. How do you clean a faux privacy fence?

Most faux privacy fences require minimal maintenance, and cleaning is easy. You can use a pressure washer or warm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt and stains.

4. Can faux privacy fences be painted?

Some faux privacy fences can be painted, while others cannot. It depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the type of material used.

5. Are faux privacy fences easy to install?

Yes, faux privacy fences are easy to install, and some even come with a DIY installation kit. However, it’s recommended to hire a professional to ensure proper installation.

6. Are faux privacy fences eco-friendly?

Most faux privacy fences are eco-friendly, especially those made of recycled materials. They are sustainable and don’t require trees to be cut down to make them.

7. How do faux privacy fences compare to traditional fences?

Faux privacy fences are more durable, low maintenance, and weather-resistant compared to traditional fences. However, traditional fences are more customizable, have more style options, and can increase the resale value of your property.


A faux privacy fence is an excellent alternative to traditional privacy fences. It is durable, weather-resistant, eco-friendly, and requires minimal maintenance. We have provided three of the best faux privacy fence options available in the market today, and we hope this information has been helpful in making an informed buying decision. So, go ahead and enhance your outdoor sanctuary with a faux privacy fence.

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