Attic Light Fixture Cleaning :


Cleaning the attic can be daunting, especially when you have to deal with a dusty and dirty light fixture. However, it is important to keep the light fixture clean as it can affect the quality of light and also be a fire hazard. In this article, we will guide you through the process of cleaning your attic light fixture.

What You Will Need

Before you start cleaning, you will need a few things such as a ladder, a screwdriver, a soft cloth, a vacuum cleaner, and a cleaning solution. For the cleaning solution, you can use a mixture of warm water and dish soap or a glass cleaner.

How to Clean the Attic Light Fixture

First, turn off the power to the fixture by switching off the circuit breaker. Then, use the ladder to reach the light fixture. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover or glass dome.

Next, use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust or debris from the fixture. If there is any dirt or grime that is hard to remove, you can use a cleaning solution. Dip the cloth in the solution and gently scrub the fixture.

After cleaning the fixture, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris that may have fallen on the insulation or floor.


Q: Can I use a cleaning solution on all types of light fixtures?

A: No, some light fixtures are made of delicate materials that can be damaged by cleaning solutions. It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any cleaning solution.

Q: How often should I clean my attic light fixture?

A: It is recommended to clean your attic light fixture at least once a year. However, if the fixture is in a dusty area, you may need to clean it more often.

Q: Can I clean the light fixture without removing the cover?

A: It is best to remove the cover to ensure that you clean the entire fixture. However, if you cannot remove the cover, you can use a soft cloth to clean the visible parts of the fixture.


Cleaning your attic light fixture may seem like a tedious task, but it is important for both the quality of light and safety. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can keep your attic light fixture clean and functioning properly. Remember to always turn off the power before cleaning and to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any cleaning solutions.

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