Application for Chinese Visa Application Service Center: SudutKebun

All announcements are on the official Chinese visa application service center website  will always be up to date in announcing something important, especially visa application application. Moreover, in the current pandemic, people in Indonesia cannot arbitrarily enter the country of China.

Know for yourself that the country started the coronavirus, so in visiting the bamboo curtain country, there are new terms and conditions that must be followed by indonesian citizens who will go there. Although it can be said to be quite difficult and takes a long time, for 2021, there are already waivers.

China has now returned to normal, even the city of Wuhan as the center of Covid-19 for the first time, its citizens have been active as usual. If you want to know more about visas, Chinese visa application service center is ready to help you in his application even though it is still at the time of pandemic.

This article will also provide a little information that makes you even more helpful in applying for a visa to China for this year. Also notified, in filling out the form, done online, only then can to his office.

China Visa Application Requirements Correctly

Usually, indeed, visa applications to China can be said to be very easy, fast and do not take much time. It’s not about a week. You should also know, if the application is not to the embassy of the People’s Republic of China. However, it must go through the Chinese visa application service center.

In Indonesia itself is the capital city in South Jakarta. You can come directly or make a submission through online. Not only in Jakarta, submissions in Indonesia at the head office are also spread in Surabaya, Denpasar, and Medan.

Want to apply for a visa, of course, the data must be complete to meet all legal requirements. Although later in the application of China visa application online, documents must also be prepared as early as possible so that when filling out the form, do not be confused to find the documents.



Here are some documents that must be prepared to meet the requirements for submission correctly:

  1. Passport

It must be brought the original version and still valid for the next 6 months and there are still many blank pages.

  1. Visa Application Form Online

Forms filled out online through a computer, must be printed and signed by yourself.

  1. Self Photo

In printing photos, the size is 33mm x 48mm. While the background must be white. The face and ears should be clearly visible.

If you bring a child, sister, brother or child who is under the age of 18 years, there are special requirements that must be met in order to leave for China without obstacles, namely:

  1. The child must include a photocopy of the birth certificate because they do not have a legal identity.
  2. Then photocopy of passport or it can also be the identity of parents.
  3. When traveling alone, it is required to bring a permit from parents by including their contacts and departure hours.

Visa Application Guide at application service center

All requirements documents must be fulfilled for the next submission process. Hopefully, after coming to Chinese visa application service center, everything is complete, just hand it over and after that it will be processed.

However, in the first sub-chapter earlier, we have not given further explanation about the details of filling out the registration form online, right? Then, the guide we will explain here.

In general, there will be 4 working days in making a visa until it can be authorized and given to the party who applied. As for express, it can be up to 3 days. However, in the current pandemic period, it can be quite long if additional requirements do not yet exist.

Just here’s a guide in applying for a visa to China from the online form to the submission of the original documents:

  1. Online Form Filling Process

Because many of you don’t know, we will provide guidance on the filling process, namely:

  1. Visit the website and choose the Indonesian flag because you are a Citizen and from this country.
  2. Then, select the city to be designated in the visa application.
  3. For the next page there will be steps to fill out the form based on the rules. You just follow it.
  4. In the third point, you choose what the destination to China is. Select one of the available options.
  5. And finally, fill in the verification code and submit and read the Terms Of Conditions and then check.
  1. Original Document Submission Process

After that, you must download the form that has been filled out, bring the document as a general requirement of submission as stated in the first sub-chapter. Before coming to Chinese visa application service center  There are additional documents that must also be completed, namely:

  1. Proof of booking a round-trip ticket (as a tourist)
  2. Proof of hotel or lodging reservation
  3. Shows travel itenary
  4. Bring an invitation when you come to China by fulfilling the invitation.

New Rules at Chinese Visa Application Service Center Biometric Visa

Keeping up with the development of modern times, in addition to biometric passports, such visas are also launched for Indonesian visits to China. Biometric visas can be called e-visas. All data will be done quickly, and stored on a chip.

Scanning data by biometric means, much faster than regular processes. In Indonesia itself, this has been done to hajj pilgrims so that the process of queuing is not too long.

On the website page Chinese visa application service center , there is a new announcement regarding the use of biometric type visas signed effective from February 3, 2021. So, the People’s Republic of China implemented new regulations for Indonesia for the recording of 10 fingerprints.

It applies when you apply for a visa or also when making a biometric visa for Indonesian citizens. Of course, it should not be represented and must come by yourself. However, the applicant can be exempted from these conditions if:

  1. Not even 14 years old or even more than 70 years old.
  2. It doesn’t have a full finger or can’t even be recorded.
  3. Not applicable to Holders of Chinese diplomatic, service and honor visas.

Additional Requirements On Chinese Visas During The Pandemic

All explanations from the first to the third sub-chapter, must indeed be done when applying for Chinese visa application service center. It’s just that the pandemic is still going on. Although China has started to return to normal, Indonesia is still recovering from Covid-19.

Therefore, China provides additional requirements for Indonesia to fly there during the pandemic. Requirements that have been authorized by the Chinese government to Indonesia, namely:

  1. Holders of residence permits in China for Indonesian citizens will be facilitated if they return there. Especially in trade activities, technology or urgent human needs.
  2. Passengers going to China must include a healthy statement.
  3. Before boarding, Indonesian passengers are required to take a covid-19 nucleic acid test at the Chinese embassy in Indonesia.
  4. After that, if the results have appeared, show evidence of negative nucleic acid and IgM antibodies of the covid-19 virus before boarding the plane.

Stick to health protocols anywhere. If the application wants to be quickly granted by the Chinese visa application service center, then you must follow all the rules and conditions that we have explained above.

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