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noise reducing acoustic fenceNoise pollution can have numerous adverse effects, causing such problems as stress, lack of restful sleep, even such health problems as heart disease, high blood pressure and lowered immunity!

Acoustifence is a simple and economical first step in outdoor noise reduction for both industrial and residential use. It is much less expensive and easier to install than concrete walls or sound panels. The 1/8” thick material is 6’ high by 30’ long with brass grommets along the top and bottom edge, allowing easy attachment to chain link fence or other structures.  Unlike wood fences or landscaping (which do very little to block sound), the Acoustifence does well in not only blocking sound but also producing less reflective sound than solid walls do.

Our sound panels are increasingly being specified and used to reduce construction site noise.  Cities are concerned with noise levels disrupting neighbors and nearby businesses during excavation, drilling, demolition, etc.  Backhoes, compressors, diesel engines and jackhammers are all notorious sources of sound at a construction site.  Typically a perimeter fence is already installed around a construction site for safety.  Acoustifence material can be attached directly to this fence to create a sound barrier that will reduce construction noise.  

Acoustifence has many uses.  It can be placed along railway tracks to reduce the sounds of scrapes and sqeaks of train wheels.  It can be hung around HVAC units, cooling towers and heat pumps to reduce the machinery noises.  Kennels use acoustifence to reduce the sounds of barking dogs.  It can also be used around outdoor sports courts to help enclose the sounds of the activity.

While it is virtually impossible to make an outdoor environment completely soundproof, Acoustifence can make a significant difference it many outdoor applications.

See a Video of Acoustifence in Action:

See a Video of Acoustifence in Action:

sound reducing fabricAcoustifence material provides an STC* of 28, which represents approximately an 80% reduction in sound to the human ear.  Your actual sound reduction will depend on how thoroughly you are able to enclose the sound source.  For instance, if you live near a busy road or freeway and attached acoustifence to your fence, there would be a certain amount of noise which would still come over the top of the fence (hopefully it would be above the height of your ears).  The noise reduction would be larger in an application such as surrounding a noisy air conditioning unit on all sides with acoustifence.

While Acoustifence is a very good and easy to use sound barrier, it has a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other non-structural sound barriers when dealing with very low frequencies such as railroad and truck noise.

In frequencies of 50 Hz and below, the heavy Acoustifence material actually begins to vibrate from the very low frequency sound waves, transforming these waves into internal friction energy.  Laboratory tests indicate that this transformation process reduces these low frequencies by over 60 percent to the human ear. In addition, Acoustifence becomes an absorbent material at these frequencies with test results showing an NRC ( Noise Reduction Coefficient) as high as .78 (1.00 being the max).

*STC stands for "Sound Transmission Class".  The higher the STC, the more it dampens sound.  As a point of comparison, a standard wall with 2 x 4 studs and drywall has an STC of 30.  And as a sound of 50 decibels is 4 times as loud as a sound of 30 decibels, a material with an STC of 50 provides 4 times the sound dampening effect of a material of STC 30.

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Acoustifence is a durable, all-weather sound reducing product and has many applications. 

  • It can be attached to privacy fence to dampen the sound of road noise.
  • It can be put onto cinderblock walls around A/C units. 
  • It can be attached to stud walls to reduce construction or machinery noise in sensitive areas.
  • Less expensive and easier to install than a brick or concrete wall.

noise reduction acoustic fence

Acoustifence Pricing

Acoustifence Pricing

30 ft long  x 6 ft high $759 per 30 ft roll
Length less than 30 ft x 6 ft high $46 per linear foot
Height 6 ft
Thickness 1/8"
Weight 190 lbs per section
Color   Black  

Freight Charges not included
Price includes 70 nylon zipties per section
Stainless steel ties are $2.59 each
*** Contact us for large quantity rates for contractors & installers **
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